Boxing Classes (CO-ED)

boxing-class-lacIf you're looking to lose weight and become strong, lean and toned, boxing training fits the bill! Learn proper punch combinations, footwork, defensive movements like the slip, bob and weave.

Build strength, speed, flexibility and confidence. Positive results await you in this boxing workout, not to mention the fun that is involved in each class! 


Kids Boxing (8-15 years old) held 5:30-6:30pm on Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday.

Must have gloves and wraps to participate- both can be purchased at the club if needed. Can try the first class out for FREE if not a member but a parent must sign a guest waiver if you are under 18 yrs of age. 

Boxing Membership Available for $25.00 per person per month. Allows individual access to boxing classes only! 


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Longmont Athletic Club is a registered USA Boxing Club