John Dykeman- Nutritional Specialist

john dykeman

John will examine your current disposition as well as your goals, allowing you to maintain firm Control on your body's responses. He will explain your (BMR) basal metabolic rate which will allow you to track your own progress. (Ie..body-fat) But most importantly John will explain hormonally what is currently changing with your body. Albeit good or bad.


John graduated in 1992 from Sonoma St. University with a degree in Psychology. He has been a member of the American Boxing Association for over 15-years. His greatest accomplishment is his 16 year studies of the adrenal system which he published in 2013 named “Your Body” Just the Way It Is.
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  • Collegiate football player
  • Collegiate Track Athlete (100m, 4x100m relay)
  • Amateur boxer from the age of 10
  • Competitive Judo
  • Since the age of 8 Assisted in Training 2-World Champion Boxers: Cruz Carbahal, Danny Perez and the list continues today.
  • John has owned health clubs and training centers for over 16 years with multiple clientele abroad.

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