JUNIOR STARS (4-8 YEAR OLDS)-This class is designed to teach young players basic stroke mechanics, technique, and strengthen gross motor skills and coordination. Students will cover basic components of the ground strokes,serve and volley. Students will play on a 36' court and use both sponge and red low compression balls. 

ACES (8-11 YEAR OLDS)- This class is for the beginner to advanced beginner level player. The class will emphasize sustaining rallies. Control, mechanics, and proper footwork will be stressed.  Students will play on a 60' court and use orange low compression balls. 

FUTURE STARS- This class is aimed at the young player with a solid understanding of the game. These are the intermediate to advanced junior players that have had previous instruction. The focus will be on technique with an introduction to matches and tournament play. Rally consistency is required. Ages 8-11

CHALLENGERS- This class is aimed at the player that has had formal instruction. These are the intermediate players that are looking for tournament experience. Players will strengthen all facets of their game as they prepare for high school tennis. Ages 10-17

ACADEMY- This class will be a select group of players with Intermountain experience or who are looking to compete in USTA tournaments and play high school varsity level tennis. Technical and tactical aspects of the game, with an introduction to weapon development will be introduced with match play opportunities. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY STEVE WILLIAMS FOR ENTRY INTO THIS CLASS. Ages 12-17

LAC JR. ELITE A & B SECTIONAL TEAM-This team will consist entirely of top level varsity high school players who are competing in open level tournaments and working on sectional ranking points. Players on this team will be traveling to locations throughout the intermountain section of the USTA to compete in regional tournaments. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED AND ARE CHOSEN AT THR SOLE DISCRETION OF SREVE WIILIAMS. CONTACT STEVE FOR PLACEMENT IN EITHER ELITE A OR B LEVEL. 

FOR QUESTIONS ON CLASS PLACEMENT, PLEASE EMAIL STEVE WILLIAMS AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.