Williams Tennis School Junior Tennis Program at The Longmont Athletic Club

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JUNIOR STARS – This class is designed for the 5-7 year old player who is brand new to tennis. The emphasis is always on having fun, and players will improve motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and learn the basic strokes and footwork patterns for tennis. The red ball and the short court with the mini net are always used for this class. 

ACES – This class is designed for the 7-11 year old player who is brand new to tennis. The emphasis is on having fun and players will learn the basics of every tennis shot. At this age the player is phasing out the red ball and is introduced to the orange ball and the 60 foot court.

CHALLENGERS – This class is geared towards the advanced beginner/intermediate player. The green dot balls will be used and mixed with the yellow balls. The players in this class will have had some prior instruction in tennis.

JUNIOR ADVANCED – This class is designed for the High School player who is near the top of Junior Varsity or low Varsity. This class should be perfect for the player who is just starting tournament play at the Level 8 and Level 7 stage.

JUNIOR ELITES – This class is geared towards the varsity level high school player or an advanced middle school player. Shot selection and tactics will be covered, and the player in this class will be phasing out “Challenger” level 7 tournaments and playing more “Open” level 6 tournaments. This player is starting to develop patterns and can reliably place a serve where they want it.

FRA: The “Front Range Academy” is our 20 hour per week team that travels all over the Intermountain section competing in top tier tournaments. The FRA is designed for players seeking a college scholarship, and who want to continue playing tennis after High School, either for a club team or competing on a college team. These players are playing Level 3, 4, and 5 tournaments.

FOR QUESTIONS ON CLASS PLACEMENT, PLEASE EMAIL STEVE WILLIAMS AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.